First AA DFW-HKG Flight on June 11th!

First AA DFW-HKG Flight on June 11th for $3800 RT or 85k Miles One-way

Here was my post on the announcement of a new AA flight DFW-HKG. AA New Flight to Hong Kong and Shanghai from DFW!
At the time, no dates were announced. This would be the only flight to HKG operated by AA.

I got a tip from Jeff over at CanadianKMS and AirlineRoute that the DFW-HKG flight has been loaded into the system.

I searched on Matrix and found June 11th. I went to AA and managed to get a price on this new flight, which was astronomically high. It is AA137/AA138:

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The flights are fare code H, which earns 1 EQP per mile. Still a horrible deal either way you slice it. You may be able to use a SWU on this flight. This flight is BOS-DFW-HKG so it was a bit higher than just DFW-HKG, which is about $3800.

According to AA twitter team, they did confirm the first flight was June 11th but no formal announcement was made. I hope that as the date gets closer, there will be a discount fare and a cheaper price than $4000.

Especially at $4263, I wouldn’t book this flight as it is today!

Shane (@wanderingshane) tweeted that someone had found an award flight and price for it. You can book it today, for 85k miles one way. In coach. Yes. I may book it just in case and potentially rebook with a lower price later on. You can see that “service between BOS and HKG (I think they meant DFW-HKG) is subject to government approval. Its nice that they tell you that for a points redemption and not when you have to fork over ~$4k for the flight.

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