Auckland Art Gallery Review

Auckland Art Gallery Review

As I was walking around Auckland after getting my marathon number, I ran across this art museum. They had advertised it was free so I went in to take a quick tour.


Their main focus is New Zealand art, old and new. The museum building was quite nice and well laid out. There were few different levels, not all of which were accessible on the same stairway. There were mezzanine levels that only had certain stairways or hallways, which was a bit annoying. Otherwise, it was a nice museum.

IMG_0659 IMG_0660

Below, there were a few sculptures from William Theed, an English sculptor from the 1500s.

IMG_0661 IMG_0662

There were all different types of art, from paintings, sculptures to printed art and even videos. The first picture below was one of the first printed pictures I saw in the museum. There was a whole hall of pictures.



In the main foyer, there were some large flowers hanging from the ceiling.

IMG_0664 IMG_0676

Below were two exhibits of video, one with digital projector, and one with a film projector.

IMG_0666 IMG_0667

IMG_0668 IMG_0669

There was a section of exhibits of common items that was turned into art. Not pictured here was an exhibit of used car tires.


Below are some portraits.

IMG_0671 IMG_0672

Below in the first picture is a video that was projected onto the can, which then displays the video on the circular table. I thought this was an interesting exhibit.


There was a cafe on the second floor with some outdoor seating. It was adjacent to Albert Park with a decent view. This museum was on the bottom of the Albert Park so visibility may be limited as the top of the park is taller than the museum.


There was also a gift shop on the first floor.

It was a good way to spend an hour or two looking at many different types of art.

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