Men’s Warehouse Rewards Program and List of Deals

Men’s Warehouse Rewards Program and List of Deals

Recently, I have noticed I spent a lot of money here. First it was new dress shirts for a wedding to new ties then new dress shoes then new dress pants for work and then more ties and the list goes on. During this entire time, I would always wait for a promotion before buying the above items. You can usually get great deals on items. Their normal price is quite high but when there are sales, the prices are good for the quality of the product.

I have bought the following products and here is my take on their merchandise:

  • Shirts. They have a variety of shirts and comes in slim fit for skinner guys. Most of their shirts look to be higher quality fabric than you can find at a similar price point at Macy’s.
  • Pants: They have a wide range of sizes, colors, decent selection of fabric.
  • Suits/Sports Coat: They may have a limited selection of sizes but they generally have a wide collection as well.
  • Coats: Some of the bigger stores may have coats. Some stores are quite small so they may not have it as I do not believe its a big seller.
  • Shoes: They have a small collection of shoes but they rarely go on sale.

Rewards Program

  • The main benefit is spend $500, get $50 back in rewards, so essentially 10% off. This includes sale items and possibly clearance items as well.
  • On your birthday, they send you a $25 coupon for $100 spent.
  • Your phone number is what your profile links to.

List of the best deals:

Most of these deals require you to either sign up for the mailing list or for a rewards program. You will get a code in your email (often classified as promotion or junk) and you can either use it online or in-store. I’ve used about 15 of such codes in-store and saved a bundle on clothes.

  • Buy 1 tie, get any two ties free.
  • Buy one, get one free on anything (usually doesn’t apply to shoes and/or suits/sports coat, but rarely can)
    • I usually get dress shirts with this deal. However, I just got two pairs of slacks with this deal.
  • Other usual (but less lucrative) sales:
    • Two shirts for 110, 3 for 150 (not that great)
    • Buy one sports coat/suit, get another for $100
    • Buy one pair of shoes, get the second for 50% off.

Sometimes on large purchases over $100, they send you a survey to fill out for a coupon for $25 off your next $100 purchase. It doesn’t work on sale items or other promotions, like the above. However, it’s a vicious cycle. Most recently I got the survey for both purchases, even though one was only $60 and another was $70.

Tailoring Policy

This is commonly misunderstood policy at MW. Their policy states that once you pay for the tailoring, they will make any changes to it going forward for free. The small clarification is that it is the exact tailoring you paid for that they will perform again.

For example you paid to have the pants shortened. If you came in later and asked for the waist to be let out, you will have to pay for that. For suits, its common that you think you had many different types of alteration and are surprised to hear that you will need to pay for the alteration a second time. This is because you may have one type done before and another type done now.

Their tailoring fees are quite reasonable, usually about 10-20 dollars per type of alteration. If you join their rewards program, they will store the alterations on your profile and they can bring it up when you walk into the store.

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