Benefits of Marathon Maniacs Club

Benefits of Marathon Maniacs Club

Being part of a large group focused on marathons is great. In any large marathon, runners from this club are present. I typically run a 5 hour marathon so there are at least a few people in that time.

The biggest benefit of being in this club, other than the awesome bright yellow apparel, are the forums, race calendars and runner profiles. The forums are a great way for runners to coordinate on lodging, pre-race activities, and also ask for advice on certain races. As many of them run many times a year, they want to save money so I see they share hotel rooms, rides, etc.

The race calendar is also a huge bonus. There is a person in MM dedicated to keeping the listings updated. It generally has a large list of marathons for the next 12 months. Each runner can also add their name to it, saying they are planning on running the race. This gives you a general idea on how many MM are running the races. I am actually using this race calendar to compile a list of fall mileage run marathons, where you fly for the miles, but layover for a marathon.

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