Weekly Running Update: Jan 12th, 2014

Weekly Running Update: Jan 12th, 2014

This week was definitely a busy week for me. Tuesday-Friday morning, I was driving on UberX so I had to re-arrange my running schedule around it. For the most part, I ran at night, which caused a few issues for my 15 mile run.

Last week:

I ran 15 miles Thursday night, with 6 miles Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I took a rest day Monday and Friday. Monday was because I ran 5 days in a row while on Friday, I was too exhausted from the 15 miles the day before. I got back from that run around midnight.

I got home around 7:30pm Thursday night and prepared for my run. I was procrastinating a bit so I didn’t get out of the house until 9pm and I knew it was going to take me about 3 hours. The first two hours was fine. I took a small break in a hotel by Museum of Science to use the restroom and warm up a bit. After about two hours I started to feel a bit cold and tired. I should have ate one of the Clif Shot Bloks I had but chose to run through it. As I kept running, I felt more tired, sleepy and cold. I eventually made it home but it was mentally tough to run at night by the river with no one really around me. The only thing motivating me was the fact that if I stopped, I would’ve frozen to death. Not a great thought to have with about 4 miles left to run.

My intention was to run 17 miles but was 2 miles short. I wanted to use my Garmin GPS watch but it was acting funny. I hope a manual reset would fix it.

Training program (no changes from last week):

I’m not following any program. My main goal is to run 6 miles 4-5 times a week and then a long run once a week. This should be enough to build a base and finish the HK marathon. Hopefully in mid March when I get back from Antarctica I can start mixing in some speed and hill workouts to get a new PR sometime in the fall.

I’m not following a set schedule as I have a few mileage run on the weekends. I’m going to keep my long runs either Friday night or Thursday night and then having shorter runs on the weekends. I’ll slowly shift my schedule for the HK marathon, which is a Sunday.

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