Sydney 2013: Kings Cross

Sydney 2013: Kings Cross

After getting back from Bondi Beach and seeing Sculptures by the Sea, I decided to kill a few hours and check out Kings Cross. It was on my way back anyway as Kings Cross is between Downtown Sydney and Bondi Junction.

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I was only there during the day time but it seemed safe enough. There were a ton of stores there as it is very touristy. This reminds me a bit of Greenwich Village in New York and a slight bit of Hollywood Blvd out in Los Angeles.



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The El Alamein Fountain, which serves as a war memorial, is adjacent to the Police Station. You know a neighborhood is bad when they need a police station to guard a fountain.

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I decided to get some ice cream at Andersen’s of Denmark after a hot day at the beach. This is a chain store and in many different countries. They had a good selection.

I have to admit, this is probably the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I’m not an ice cream connoisseur but this handly beats Ben and Jerrys and Haagen-Dazs. I believe I got Belgian Chocolate Chip and Danish Nougat. Both were amazing. I liked the chocolate better and definitely the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.

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The next stop was the famous Coca Cola sign. You can see this sign from the Tower Eye. It is listed as a historical landmark so this can never be removed. Great negotiation tactic when they have to renew their lease.

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Their student discount lured me into here. They sell ice cream and milk shakes. I didn’t know when they mean students, the mean grade school (K-12th grade). They decided to give it to me at that price anyway, which was nice. I got the Tim-Tam milk shake and it was pretty good.

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I stopped into the below bar to get a beer. They were running a happy hour special so each beer was 3 or 4AUD. The have a 10AUD minimum on credit cards so I bought two beers for 10AUD. I can’t remember which two I tried, but both were very good. They have a good selection of beers on tap, going from light to dark beer. They also have a system that when you start a tab, it gets matched with a card of their own so bar tenders won’t need to keep track of different credit cards. Just swipe their green card and it gets charged to the tab. Pretty easy solution.

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I walked a bit further and saw St Vincent’s hospital. After this, I walked back to King’s Cross station.





I didn’t have time to come back at night to see what the nightlife was nice. During the day its pretty safe and its not a bad way to spend an hour walking through and seeing parts of this area.

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