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Hong Kong Marathon 2014: Cutoff Times

Hong Kong Marathon 2014: Cutoff Times

It is frustrating that they don’t post this information on their main website and that I originally had to review two different posts to find out where the checkpoints were and also what times they were.

Here are the cutoff times for the 2014 Marathon as posted in the marathon packet. The time limit is 6 hours for all groups and you need to maintain at least a six hour pace to complete. Below are the cutoff times:

KM15.2: 1st Turning Point, Tsing Ma Bridge – 9:25am
KM20.1: 3rd Turning Point, Ting Kau Bridge – 10:05am
KM33.3: Western Kowloon Highway Jordan Road Flyover – 12:00pm
KM39.6: Connaught Road West Flyover – 12:30pm
KM40.7: Marsh Road Flyover – 1:00pm

Hong Kong Maraton 2014 Cutoff Times

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