Madrid 2013: Chocolate Churros at San Gines

Madrid 2013: Chocolate Churros at San Gines

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We stumbled upon this place for breakfast. I searched for “breakfast in Madrid” and got a post about three different cafes to try in Madrid. There was another webpage saying that people in Madrid don’t typically have breakfast or brunch. We were here on a weekday over Thanksgiving break so there’s no way we would find brunch.

It was a bit hard to find but luckily I had Google maps. I spent about 15EUR for a data card. It was a bit expensive but as I was traveling with my wife, I didn’t want to get lost at all.

According to their sign, this place was open since 1894 and it’s open 24 hours! I’ve heard Spanish people in Spain like to stay out late so I would expect it to be very crowded throughout the night.

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There wasn’t a line for a table at this time around 10am and we sat in the basement. We ordered at the counter and they said they would bring it down for us.

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We got the Churros, Porras (fatter churros), hot chocolate and a coffee. Here is a picture I got off of a stand near the Royal Palace that shows the differences:


The hot chocolate was very thick and meant to be a dip for the churros. The coffee was also very good. The Porras was ok. There are very similar to “fried stick” in Chinese cuisine that I was used to and this didn’t taste like that. The porras was a bit sweet and soft, but otherwise not that interesting.

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It was definitely a great find for breakfast in Madrid. I would highly recommend coming here to try their chocolate con churros!

(As a note, I found out that there were two places in LA that serves churros con chocolate. One is in Pasadena and another on Santa Monica Blvd. A separate post will be written to compare these three establishments.)

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