Madrid 2013: Museo de Jamon

Madrid 2013: Museo de Jamon

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This is a chain restaurant that specializes in ham or jamon in Spanish. They take their ham very seriously here with some cuts going for a hundred euros a kg. The most expensive that you can buy at a nearby market was 200EUR a kg. I saw this on a TV program “Rick Stevens” where he travels around Madrid.

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There are two ways to eat here. You can order at the bar or sit upstairs and have it served to you. It’s a bit cheaper to eat down at the bar but there was no room at all so we sat upstairs. We were about to go on a Tapas Tour in an hour so we were pressed for time. Even though the service was hit or miss, we managed to finish and get out on time.

All I remember from the menu was that you can either have your ham in on a small roll or just the ham on a platter with free bread. They also served various cheeses, beer, and wine as well.

We got the combo platter with a few different types of ham and a type of cheeses. The best one out of the bunch was iberico ham, which is the most expensive cut of ham. There were also Serrano Ham and Churizo.

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If you can manage to find a place at the bar, I would definitely come here to try out some ham. It won’t be the best ham Spain has to offer but it definitely has a large variety of ham. This ham is much better than your normal supermarket ham back in the states.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed it. She’s a big fan of ham but after this experience, I’m not sure if she can buy supermarket ham every again.

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