Madrid 2013: Finnair MAD-HEL Business and Economy Class

Madrid 2013: Finnair MAD-HEL Business and Economy Class

We were driven to a remote gate. It was still a bit cold but it was kind of cool to see the plane upclose. It was so weird that we landed at a bus gate and we took off on a bus gate. I think this is because the terminal is so big that its just easier to pick a closer gate and bus us over to the plane.

IMG_1239 IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1247

My wife was sitting in Business class. It was the standard intra-Europe business class with the same seats as coach with the middle seats blocked out. There is usually a bit more legroom like economy plus or main cabin extra. She was offered a light breakfast and here were her pictures:

IMG_1252 IMG_1254

I was sitting in coach and here were my pictures.

There were no pictures as there wasn’t anything interesting. I wasn’t offered anything except a paper as I was an elite member. The flight attendant thanked me for my loyalty, which was a bit surprising for him to do that. He may have remembered me from the same flight just a two days ago.

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