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Kuala Lumpur 2014: Cathay Pacific Lounge at KUL

Kuala Lumpur 2014: Cathay Pacific Lounge at KUL

I stopped into the Cathay Pacific Lounge at KUL for only about 5 minutes to check out the lounge before heading to my flight. When there is the MH lounge just down the hall from here, there is almost no reason to come to this lounge unless you were pressed for time. The line for the MH lounge could be long.


The lounge was quite empty for a Saturday morning. There as plenty of seating with a nice business centers with both PCs and Macs.

There was a decent selection of hot food for breakfast, including eggs, sausage and beans. I actually grabbed a quick bowl of noodle soup before heading out as I wanted to try it. It was pretty good. The noodles are wrapped in the small bowl to the right.

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