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Kuala Lumpur 2014: MH KUL-HKG A380 Review

Kuala Lumpur 2014: MH KUL-HKG A380 Review

Once I left the lounge, I headed to my award flight. I booked this flight on Avios at 20k points for business class. I managed to get their A380 but heard that they will end the A380 flight between KUL and HKG.

I got to the gate a bit late so I had to wait in line for the security at the gate. There was a long line for the lower deck but luckily not many people on the upper deck, where my business class seat was. I promptly went up the escalator and boarded my flight.

The A380 upper deck business class is 2-2-2. My confirmed seat was in the middle but no one was next to me so I had the pair of seats to myself. The bins were a bit smaller than I expected but as there weren’t many people in business class (a few open seats), I put in my large bag sideways.

Below are some pictures of the seats.

There was a couple at the window who wanted to sit next to their kids at the row behind him. I said yes and quickly switched into the window seat. I managed to move my bag as well before takeoff.

They provide you with headphones but not noise cancelling.

Here was the breakfast menu I was presented. I got the curry rice dish.

They had a large coffee menu so I tried two that I haven’t had before. The Ethopian coffee was light tasting (tasted like light roast) and not too bitter. Served with some cream and sugar

Brazilian Santos was darker and more bitter.

I also had their Malaysian Tek Tarik, which was very good.

Breakfast was a bit spicy so be careful. Lasting spicy, not very much but builds over time.

A picture of the giant A380 landing at HKG.


It was a short flight but very nice and comfortable in Business Class. The food was good and beverages were also good as well.

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