Weekly Running Update 2014-04-20

Weekly Running Update 2014-04-20

This week was a good week of training. I drove for Uber/Lyft less and focused more on my running. I did 6 miles Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They were pretty good runs, at about 9 minute pace. Wednesday and Thursday was about 40F but I loved it, made me feel like training for Antarctica again.

On Saturday, I finally accomplished my 18 miles that I was hoping to do last week. I ate something different before my long run, which really affected me around mike 14 last week so I only go up to mile 16. This week was much different and back to normal, sort of speak. Did 18 miles in 10:10 pace so very good buildup before my training program starts in two weeks.


I have two marathons coming up, one in NJ next week and then Tacoma Marathon the following weekend. I’ll drop the pace down and try to run 20-22 of those miles and walk the rest. These two races will be a good primer for my training, which I hope to start as soon as i get back from Seattle. It’ll be another busy month for me with moving across town and a wedding to go to, so I’ll probably have to shift my long run into the weekday again.

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