Weekly Running Update 2014-05-05

Weekly Running Update 2014-05-05

I had a short training week this week. I may have ran a bit too much last week and didn’t do so well in last weekend’s marathon so I only ran 6 miles on Tuesday as a short recovery run before my marathon this past Sunday in Tacoma, WA.

I had my marathon Sunday and it turned out to be a good day for a race. There were showers threatening all day but just a few brief showers. My hamstrings didn’t cooperate like last week and tightened up towards the end. I was on track for about a 5 hour finish but had to walk the last six miles so dropped down to a 5:25.

Long Term training

This week, I’ll focus on recovering as the next few weekends will be very busy for me. I’ll work on recovering and building up mileage again and I will need to do my long runs either Thursday or Friday nights because of my weekend plans. I’ll gradually be building my mileage until June when I will start the marathon training program. I have some travel coming up over the next 6 weeks so I wanted to give myself some extra wiggle room in training and then focus on a program once I’m done. I have a marathon on 4th of July weekend so I should be able to ramp up enough to run that marathon without any effects on my overall marathon training program.

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