Save 3c/gal and Get 5X Chase UR at Shell Gas Station

Save 3c/gal and Get 5X Chase UR at Shell Gas Station

This post will show how you can save 3 cents a gallon on gas at any Shell Gas Station and earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards while doing so!

I have always noticed Shell Gas Gift Cards at office supply stores but never found a Shell Gas station that was competitive in price. Many of them in Boston are at least 10-20 cents more expensive than cheaper gas stations around the city. Now north of Boston, there is one that is pretty good on price and is along my commute so I decided to use these Shell Gas Gift Cards.

When signed up, I found the advertisement:

For new Fuel Rewards Network members, get your 25¢/gal sign-up bonus after your first fill up* with your Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) Card!  Sign up here today with my referral link!


*Offer ends August 3, 2014 at 11:59 CST. To qualify for this sign-up bonus, you must: 1) Be a new Fuel Rewards Network™ Member; 2) Obtain a Fuel Rewards Network™ Card and sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network™ program; and 3) Make an initial fuel purchase of at least 8 gallons at a participating Shell station using your Fuel Rewards Network™ Card. The 25¢/gal sign-up bonus will be added to your Fuel Rewards Network™ Account within 2 business days of your initial fuel purchase and IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST ONE MILLION NEW FUEL REWARDS NETWORK™ MEMBERS. The Fuel Rewards® savings earned through the sign-up bonus expire on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which they are earned. Fuel Rewards Network™ Members will receive the everyday offer of 3¢/gal savings on each fill-up if your Fuel Rewards® savings balance is 2¢/gal or less. Redeem Fuel Rewards® savings with your Fuel Rewards Network™ Card at participating Shell stations. Please see for complete Fuel Rewards Network™ program details and Terms and Conditions.

This 25 cents posted within a two days of my first fill-up.

Beyond the first fill-up, you will save 3 cents per gallon until December 2014. If you have any additional savings, this 3 cents does not add to it. It guarantees a minimum reduction of 3 cents per gallon.

How to Earn 5X at Shell Gas

You will need a credit card that earns 5x at office supply stores, such as the Chase Ink cards. Buy the gift cards at an office supply store with that credit card. It is easier if you find $50 Shell Gas cards but some stores only carry the $25 ones.

How to use Shell Gas Gift Cards

It seems easier than it should, but as this is a fixed value, what happens to the left over value?

I usually make sure that I do not drain the card down to below a dollar as the fine print says that the gas pump may not activate when there is less than a dollar on the card. I usually have two cards so when one runs out, I will use another. The pump will automatically slow down before the card is drained until you drain the entire value of the card. For larger cars, $50 isn’t hard to hit.

When I use two cards, I will need to do them under separate transactions. I asked the gas station clerk and they said that they cannot do a split payment. It doesn’t take that much longer to start a new transaction.

In some states, they have rules about left over value on gift cards. Some states require the merchants to pay out the remaining value back in cash and the maximum amount left differs from state to state. I haven’t tried this and usually its easier just to do two transactions to drain both cards. However, this can be a good way to get cash back instead of spending it on gas.

How to use FRN cards at the Shell Gas Station

You need to select Rewards Card on the first screen. I tried to swipe the FRN card without pressing any buttons and it always came up with an error.

Then select FRN and then swipe your FRN card. Then you can proceed to pay with any method of payment you choose. At this point, it will show you your savings per gallon. I just swipe the Shell Gas Card without pressing any more buttons and it recognizes it as a gift card. Then pump gas as you normally would.

I normally spend about $40 bucks in gas every week, so that’s about $160 a month. At 5X, that is 800 points a month or 480 more points than the 2X I normally get from the Chase Ink Card at gas stations. That’s not bad for spending a bit of time getting the Shell Gift cards and breaking up some of my fillups into two transactions.

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