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The Great Scrambled Eggs Nazi at Australia Dairy

The Great Scrambled Eggs Nazi at Australia Dairy

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

So my uncle took me and wife here years ago when we first visited and they had great scrambled eggs and also this egg pudding that was very good. The egg pudding comes in either regular or just egg whites.

This time around, I only came to taste the scrambled eggs, which some blog posts described as the best scrambled eggs in Hong Kong. After my disappointing Dim Sum at Tin Ho Wan at Hong Kong Station earlier that morning, I wanted to get something better so I went here to Australia Dairy near Jordan Station in Kowloon.

When I was there, the line was about half as long as pictured above, but if you are a single person, you can get seated much quicker as they’ll fit you into any open seat. I sat down but promptly told to move my large bag. Fair point, but I felt that was my first strike.

So I went to order, and I spoke broken Chinese to order what the guy on my left was having. He said “no, only comes in a set,” but I responded that I only wanted the eggs and toast. He kept saying how that was a set so I caved and ordered a set. I would consider this strike two. Just had seven dishes of Dim Sum by myself an hour ago so wasn’t feeling like eating the whole thing.

About two minutes after I got my order, the lady next to me got her order, and it was exactly what I wanted! Just the toast and scrambled eggs! I wish I could read Chinese better.

So I got down to eating my set meal. It was pretty good. On the left was macaroni beef noodle soup, very common and popular in Hong Kong. On the right was eggs, ham and buttered toast. The macaroni was good, nothing special about it.

At first when I was eating the eggs, I didn’t think it was that great. It was a bit runny but overall not bad. Well, what I was missing was the toast part. I added it on top of the buttered toast and now this was really good, close to amazing.

TOP TIP: If you are to eat the eggs here, eat it on top of the toast. There is something to the hard buttered toast and the runny scrambled eggs that works very well.

Sometime after my revelation about the eggs, I wanted some water and I had the habit of requesting ice water, even though I usually don’t care that it’s cold. It’s just that every NY restaurant I went to in the last decade always referred to either tea or ice water, never just water which was kind of odd. At first, he said we didn’t have ice water. I looked at the tray and replied “Do you have water?” Well, this turned into a short lecture on how they don’t have ice water, but just water. They could’ve just said they had water. Well I consider that my strike three.

After those three strikes, I was scared out of my mind to even get the check. What if I said it wrong? What if he didn’t understand me? What if I used the wrong tone (there’s 9 so 8 ways to screw this up)? I was so scared I just kept eating to avoid getting the check. I requested the check right after the lady to my right so I could assume that the waiter could see that we’re doing the same action. I got away with that this time and hurried to the counter to pay. I was glad I didn’t get a lecture about getting the check wrong.

Of course, I made this into a bigger deal than it really was but it was humorous that I had let myself get into that situation in the first place. Why do they make it so hard to order? I felt as if I was at the Soup Nazi’s stand.

The eggs were worth the wait. The beef noodle soup, not so much.

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