Ferry from Hong Kong to Macao with Turbojet

Ferry from Hong Kong to Macao with Turbojet

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

Before I went to the ferry terminal, I stopped into one of the recommended Hong Kong Milk Tea places. This is definitely one of those hole in the wall places. I walked right past it the first time.

Hoi On cafe

One of the very few authentic old-school HK diners keeping it real in this fast-moving cosmopolitan city. $14. G/F, 17, Connaught Rd, Sheung Wan, 2540 6340.



It was really good. I enjoyed it on my walk back to the ferry.

Once I got there, I booked a ticket at with TurboJet. They have ferries every 20-30 minutes. It was reasonably priced and you can pay by credit card.

Once I got the ticket, I went over the West Bridge over to the pier.

IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0392

. Once I got there, I went to see the person at the red booth to get a seat assignment. Its all done manually. I highly recommend the double seats near the bulkhead (row 14). There are a few rows behind it. The rest of the rows has 3 seats (at the window) whereas the front few rows only have two.

IMG_0025 IMG_0027 IMG_0026

Below is the lounge for the premium first class tickets.


Below is the picture of the ship and the walk down to the boat. Getting on this ferry was so much easier than getting on the boat in Antarctica.

IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0032

Below is a picture of the bulkhead seat.

IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036

It took a bit longer to get to Macao than advertised. I sat in the front so I was one of the last ones off the ship. When we exited, there were a few women holding signs for the various casinos and resorts on the island.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0040

I took one of the shuttles to the Sheraton Macao on Cotai Island (review in the next post).

Here are some pictures of the return trip.

IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0096

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