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Cathay Pacific HKG The Bridge Lounge Review

Cathay Pacific HKG The Bridge Lounge Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

Somehow my wife couldn’t find this lounge, but its pretty clearly marked by the large sign at the end of the corridor right after you step off the train. Once you go beyond the signs and take the escalator down, you will find the lounge. The lounge has two sides.

First class was to the right and business class was to the left. I went to the First Class side first and there were some nice drinks on the menu. These are specialty drinks that are only offered here and it was pretty good, like a smoothie or pina colada.

Overall, this was a very nice lounge. comparable to The Wing. It is much smaller than the Wing but reasonable size. You get slightly different and better food at the Wing but this is a great second choice if your flight is at the end of the airport.

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