Malaysia Airlines KUL-MEL Business Class Review

Malaysia Airlines KUL-MEL Business Class Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

Before this flight, we spent most of our time at the Malaysia Airlines Golden Satellite Lounge. You can see the review in the link.

Here is the business class seat on this A330:


We took our seats and managed to get a quick picture before we took off.

IMG_0123 IMG_0128

This was a very late flight and I was very tired at this point. We had a few hours in the lounge so we made sure to eat before we boarded. I did try the satay and recommended my wife to do the same. After that I fell asleep



For anyone who has been in their older business class seat, it is pretty weird. The seat is at an angle, but they include a wedge cushion to keep your legs parallel to the ground and to keep you from sliding off the seat. It was a very weird approach to the seat and was fairly uncomfortable, especially as I like to sleep on my side. The wedge cushion goes in between the seat and the rear shroud of the seat during takeoff/landing.

It was a good flight but their seat needs a lot of work. They have the room and I am surprised they went with an angled lie-flat seat. They have the room to put in a great lie flat seat. The angled lie-flat business class seat on the A380 I tried earlier in the year was relatively better, on par with the ones on American Airlines.

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