Alaska Airlines Board Room Seattle N Gates Lounge Review

Alaska Airlines Board Room Seattle N Gates Lounge Review

Travel Date: December 6th, 2015

As some of you know, Alaska Airlines opened up a new lounge at the remote Terminal N back in November 2015. This is actually a temporary space until Alaska Airlines start and finish building a new lounge on the rooftop of the N terminal. N Terminal is predominantly where the nighttime Alaska Airlines BOS-SEA flight leaves from and since the gate is so far from the main Alaska Board Room near C/D Gates, I usually just hang out at the food court there before my flight.

I was excited to finally try out this lounge on my way back from the California International Marathon in Sacramento back in December.

It is very easy to find. It is near Gate N1.

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It had a nice assortment of soda and coffee and snacks, with complimentary beer at the bar. There was a pancake machine, but I was not sure if it was on at the time.


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There is ample seating. This is a small remote terminal so the lounge doesn’t need to be very big. As it was in December, it was nicely decorated for the holidays. Because it was the holidays, they were also offering “Complimentary Irish Cream.” I never really associated Irish Cream with Christmas, but I guess in Seattle they do.

There was only one bathroom in the lounge and the attendant noted that it can cause some issues during peak times. Some guests rather leave the lounge and go to the bathroom than wait so keep that in mind.

The lounge is a nice size and a nice quiet place away from the terminal. Usually when I fly the red-eye SEA-BOS, the N terminal is pretty empty anyway so the lounge isn’t quieter, but it remains a nice place to relax away from the terminal.

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