Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel Review

Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel Review


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My wife and I stayed here the night before the marathon since it was very close to the marathon start. My wife still had a free night at a category 1-4, and surprisingly this hotel was also a category 4 and also availability for a free night. I had book this just a week or two before the marathon, so it was pretty surprising that I managed to book it. This hotel was just about 10 minutes from the start and had a great view of the start path.

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The room was very large and had a great view of Melbourne Park.


Below is the bathroom, which had a separate tub and shower.

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Because my wife was a Hyatt Platinum member from her Chase Credit Card, she had access to the lounge. The lounge was surprisingly stocked, even outside of happy hours. They have a good assortment of coffee and soft drinks. We grabbed a few waters to go for me to eat my granola bars before the race.

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The lounge had a different view of the city, but it was pretty nice:

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This was the shot from my hotel room looking out towards the start line of the marathon.


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