DCA Admirals Club – on Christmas Eve.

The DCA Admirals Club is located right above the C terminal security line so I was able to assess how lucky I was to have TSA PreCheck.  Before I go any further, I have to mention that this Admirals Club has the best complimentary beer of any of the Admirals Clubs that I’ve attended so far–a local lager.  Wahoooo, that was pretty exciting.  It sure beats Bud, Bud Light, and Miller Light.  The complimentary internet was also surprisingly quick with an average download speed of 8.85 Mbps and an average upload speed of 6.34 Mbps, but it’s important to note that the lounge was fairly empty.


My lager and chicken noodle soup are pictured above.  Not a bad view.  You’ll notice the new American, old American, and old US Airways planes all in one picture.

DSC02152The food was substantial enough for a small meal.  I really enjoyed the chicken noodle soup.


There was a tv and with tables near the bar.


The main room overlooks DCA B and C terminals.  It was obviously bumpin’ on Christmas Eve.

The entrance is just beyond the C terminal security check point.  You enter an elevator that takes you to the third floor–I really enjoy the feeling of taking an elevator up to the club, not to mention the clubs with elevators usually have better views of the terminal.  The food was also good but this club did not have any unique offerings–chicken noodle soup, some sort of tomato soup, vegetables, and cookies.  The view was decent, but DCA is only a national airport so the larger aircraft don’t land here.


The local beer is definitely a nice touch.  The DCA Admirals Club is smaller than other clubs but it is also less crowded.  Given that this Club is in my home airport, I’ll be there again soon enough.

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