Traveling this weekend? Change your Flight and Review your Credit Card Policies


In 2013, I drove from Miami to Chicago and encountered the polar in Illinois.

It’s no secret that the east coast may get pummeled by a blizzard-like snowstorm this weekend.  The current forecast for DC is 12-20 inches of snow over a 36 hour period.  That’s a ton of snow.  In DC, folks follow the Capitol Weather Gang which provides up-to-date and detailed weather forecasts.  While we may hope for a work or school snow day, folks who are traveling this weekend may be far less excited for the snow.  The good news is that most major airlines will allow you to switch the dates of your flight for free in order to avoid the snow storm.  In addition, certain credit cards provide travel protection for flights that are canceled or delayed.

Airline Change Fee Waiver

Airline’s normally charge fees for you to make last minute changes to your booking but they’re willing to waive that fee if you meet several criteria.  I’ll outline criteria that are generally applicable to the major airlines but you’ll need to click a link below to view your specific airline’s criteria and procedure for changing your flight.

Criteria: 1) your flight either lands in or takes off from an airport on the east coast (most airports from South Carolina to Massachusetts are included), 2) it lands or takes off between January 22 and 24, and 3) you booked the ticket before January 16th.

Procedure: you can log into your online account or call an airline representative to change the flight if the above criteria are met.  You’ll be allowed to switch to another flight without paying a change fee if the new flight: 1) takes off or lands between January 20 and 27, 2) is booked in the same cabin class as the original ticket, and 3) has the same origin and destination as the original ticket.

Airline links

Click the links below for more specific information for the requirements and procedure for changing the date of your flight without encountering a change fee.

Credit Card Travel Delay Reimbursements

If your flight is delayed more than three hours or canceled, your credit card may reimburse you for reasonable expenses that you incur.  You should check your credit card’s travel policy.

Travel safely.

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