Hyatt Place Baltimore (Inner Harbor/ Fell’s Point)

While in downtown Baltimore, I stayed at the Hyatt Place in the Inner Harbor/ Fell’s Point area.  I knew I wanted to stay either in the Harbor or Fell’s Point areas and basically looked for the best hotel that I could find within my price range.  Hotel pricing in downtown Baltimore is interesting.  The Four Seasons runs $399 per night and the next best hotels are typically under $200 per night.  I quickly ruled out the Four Seasons and considered my other options.

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Booking the Hotel

I tried to take advantage of Hyatt’s Best Price Guarantee (I previously wrote about how to get an additional 20% off by invoking the Best Price Guarantee) but none of the third party websites ran a deal on the Hyatt Place.  I even watched other hotels in the area but none were put on sale.


Hotel lobby.  The apples were real.

            The Room

The room had an amazing view of the city but I had to press the front desk for a better room.  I booked the best room that the Hyatt Place sells for $150 a night.  The website shows large windows with a panoramic view of the city.  Unfortunately, the first room that I was given did not fit this description.


Notice how small the window is (above) and the view is not great.   I called the front desk and explained how the room I received didn’t look like the room featured online.  They apologized and told me they were sending someone up to take me to my new room.  The new room was five floors higher and featured a much larger window with a beautiful view of the city.

DSC02513 DSC02511

Notice how the window spans two walls and provides an excellent view of the city?  While it didn’t have floor to ceiling windows, I was content.  Upon leaving the hotel, I notice that the room on the north side of the building had floor to ceiling windows.  I didn’t realize that rooms in the same “category” could vary that greatly.  Either way, I was happy with the room that I received.

Hotel View

The room included a desk and couch.  The downside of large windows in a fairly short hotel is that people on the streets or in the neighboring parking structure can see in the room when the shades are not pulled.

DSC02517 DSC02503

The bathroom was fairly standard–a large shower and a cool-looking sink area.

DSC02509 DSC02499

Hotel Amenities

The hotel provided a complimentary hot breakfast (which I was unable to try), a workout facility, and a pool.  I had brunch plans so I was unable to sample the breakfast or the workout facility.


Great location and value for the price.  The quality of the rooms in each “category” seem to vary greatly so complain to the front desk if you’re not satisfied with your room and you may score you a nicer room in the same “category.”

2 Comments on "Hyatt Place Baltimore (Inner Harbor/ Fell’s Point)"

  1. johnthewanderer | April 2, 2016 at 4:43 pm | Reply

    I’ve been at Hyatt place a few times. I’ve found the rooms to be pretty similar. That was nice you were able to press them for a better room. What did they say about the window situation when you brought it up at the desk?

    • thetravelingmillennial | April 6, 2016 at 1:33 am | Reply

      They didn’t acknowledge the window issue. Their response was, “Oh we’re sorry you’re not happy with your room. We’re sending someone up right now to take you to your new room.” They may have had complaints before?

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