American Express / Twitter Gift Cards Arrived Today!!

UPDATE: I came home today and voila! Waiting at my door step were three UPS envelopes, each containing a $25.00 Prepaid American Express gift card.  It’s always cool to see a package waiting for you at your door.

However, when I opened them, there was a letter inside indicating that I wont be charged for them at all!.  Now bear in the mind, the deal was tweet to American Express via Twitter, and you would get a $25.00 prepaid gift card, for $15.00, thus making $10.00 on the deal.  Their systems were slammed hard, and there were issues with some folks cards not being processed correctly—including mine.  All three of them that I used. Well, the nice folks at AMEX were kind enuff to send out the gift cards, WITHOUT charging my American Express synced cards.

Truly a GIFT card

$75.00 in FREE money….ya gotta love it!

Did anybody else participate? If you have American Express cards, make sure you Sync them with your Twitter and/or Facebook to hop on these deals. They have them often and are VERY lucrative.  Here is the link :



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  1. Will they offer this again soon? I want in on it!

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