Chase INK Bold Going Away? Its OK….

The rumor mill has it the Chase INK Bold card is going away soon. I went to my Chase branch during lunch, and verified this information with the manager there, and it’s true. I wonder though If they are coming out with another card to replace it? If that is the case, then it will be a NEW product, and technically you can apply and get the bonus for it, even if you had this card before. I personally love these Chase INK cards, because the sing up bonus on them are huge–two of them give you 50,000 points after meeting the spend requirements, and the no-annual fee version gives you 20,000. If you collect them all like Cabbage Patch Kids, you can bring in a whopping 110,000+ Ultimate Reward points, which can add up to A LOT of airline miles. I’m not going in-depth about the cards, because most people who apply for them, are aware of the benefits. This post is just an FYI to remind you , if you have NOT gotten this card—do so! The reward is 55,000 points, which is $550 in currency. Keep in mind there are some changes to the Ultimate Rewards program coming soon. One of the sucky changes coming is the deletion of the ‘Pay Yourself Back’ option. This allowed you to use your points for a statement credit. For example, 1000 points = $10, and 10,000 = $100, and so on. It was nice to have this option, as it let you use those points as cash for your travels ….spending money anyone?  I can’t wait to see what they are replacing it with, as it’s not like Chase to get rid of a card and that’s the end of it. I’m sure their marketing department has something up their sleeve, and we will soon hear about it.


I heard a lot of grumbling from my friends that it is going away. I say, breathe, sit down, and relax. It isn’t the end of the world, and it’s not like running out of hot water during a shower.   If they do come out with a new card within the INK line, it will be a new product, and you can apply for that, and still get the bonus! I also see a trend of higher bonuses coming our way, which will only enhance our travel goals.  We saw that 100,000 mile offers from Citibank, and who knows, maybe we will see a 100,000 offer from Chase! Happy Travels!


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