More Sears Stores Closing – Got Gift Cards?

This mornings business report indicated that Sears will be closing over 100 outlets, and laying off 5,000 workers nationwide. The closures will include some Kmart stores, and about 30 Sears and Auto Center locations across the country. The only reason I am blogging about this, is the fact Ultimate Rewards, Membership Rewards, and some other loyalty programs allow you to redeem your points for Sears and Land’s End gift cards, which you can use at their locations. So if you got ’em, you way want to use ’em soon. I have a feeling Sears as a whole will close up shop for good, and join the list of retail department stores that have gone under over the years.

I personally hate to see Sears go away, as it’s not a bad store. I do find it ironic they named their line of goods DIEHARD, which I think they will do just that. They just need to revamp their marketing strategy, offer shoppers more incentives, and improve (a failing) customer service. There is one located near me at Lloyd Center mall here in Portland, and sells Visa gift cards, which gets me 5% cash back from certain credit cards during different periods of the year. I have been visiting them often this past month to reap the benefits. However, I think I would agree with most analysts and say this the beginning of the end for Sears.  Luckily, the one here isn’t closing ….yet. Here’s a list of the stores they are closing. Any of them near you?





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