$5.00 off $10.00 at Starbucks.com!!

Log into your American Express accounts to find a $5.00 statement credit when you spend $10 at Starbucks.com using your American Express card.  This deal is also available if you have Sync’d your American Express card with your twitter account, but like some folks, you may not have a twitter account, so just load the offer onto your American Express card. However, if you do have twitter, simply use the hashtag #AmexStarbucks, and use your card. To see this offer in your account,  Simply log in, and look for the Amex Offers For You tab, and load the offer onto your card.

This is tricky…so pay attention this offer is NOT for in-store purchases. That means the morning latte & croissant will NOT get this credit. The purchase must be on the store website.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to get all excited they are savings 50% at Starbucks and NOT read the fine print…..but don’t you worry…The Value Traveler gots yo back!  Check out the highlighted below.

I believe this works if you reload your registered card with $10.00 using your American Express card on the website…but I haven’t tried it out yet.  I just loaded my registered card using my Visa card, due to the promotion they just had, so I think I’m good for now. Enjoy the savings and Happy Friday everyone!


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