AMEX Not Being Nice To Me

So Small Business Saturday came and went, and we all did a lil (FREE) shopping. Actually, most of us did A LOT of FREE shopping and it was all good and awesome. Days later, we all checked our accounts and noticed these $10.00 credits trickling down one after another. Except for moi! Well, at least not on my American Express Hilton card.  I reached out to them via chat, and she assured me they would all post by December 6th, but I am still missing $30.00 worth of credit. So today, I went on their chat again, and decided to see if I can fish out some credits, and ‘Brandon’ wasn’t much help either. He told me he would open an ‘investigation’ to see if that would help.  When it comes to credit cards, I hate it when they use the word investigation, because the two don’t really go together. and makes me nervous.  I will check again in three days to see where we are at with the credits, but so far, not a happy camper.  Is anyone else getting shortchanged from the Small Business Promotion? Let me know your experience.

Don’t Worry…I didn’t press ENTER…


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