Ice Festival of Harbin – A Must See

Amazing creations, eye catching colors, and skillful masterpieces. These are all the things you will find at the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow festival this year! The town borders Russia in northeastern China, and has one of the coldest temperatures around, so this festival has the perfect weather. Don’t show up in GAP shorts and flip-flops, because you may end up being a sculpture yourself. I recommend bundling up and then bundling up again, just so you have all your fingers at the end of the day.  I personally love the LED lighting that is placed inside of the sculptures to light ’em up at night. It almost looks like Las Vegas from a distance. I hope to someday get to Harbin to experience this, as I compare it with something like the Northern Lights. At night, these scultures simply look amazing, and in the daytime, the snow pieces look just as amazing. Pictures are great, but nothing like experiencing this in real time. Check out the pictures at The Daily Mail, as they have some really cool snapshots of the festival and the creations. Happy Monday (ick, I know)

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