Amazon Prime Offers UNLIMITED Ad-Free Music Streaming

I received an email from Amazon telling me I qualify to use their new Prime Music, a streaming music service that is available to Prime Members only. You can listen to an array of online music channels with different genres, or listen on your mobile device, with their Prime Music app. I decided to check it out, because I like to just use my phone, and use my Sprint Unlimited internet to stream music, but a lot of the streaming services are ad based, and some can be cumbersome.  The Amazon Prime Music app was okay, but it it was very hard to navigate. It’s like walking through DXB’s terminal 3 for the first time – you are dazzled by how huge it is, but then you get annoyed because you can’t find what you want. In addition, they have the option to BUY, so be careful what you click on, because once you are logged into your Amazon account, it’s like tap dancing in a land mine field.  It’s a bit easier to navigate on your mobile device, as the playlists, artists, etc etc are all listed.  I think it’s good they are offering this to their Prime customers, but I wish it wasn’t so hard to navigate.  The console should be simple, with a list of genres,and you select the station you want.  I’ll have to keep playing with this and see if I’m missing something, but so far, I’m not too impressed. When you have to wait for your flight, or if you’re traveling long road trips, it’s great to stream radio like this, especially when there are so many commercials on regular radio.  I’m actually looking for these streaming radio/music sites, so if you know some, please share with me, so I can try them out.



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