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A (Sort Of) Emirates A380 Fare Sale

Emirates is looking for the few, the proud, and the curious, to fly their fleet of 380’s to one of their many destinations worldwide. They are also making it a tad easier, by offering a (are you ready for this?) $38 discount on economy fares. You can also redeem for a discount on the famous Business class, and the luxurious First Class seats, which also gives you access to the showers. That’s right…the famous shower’s on the plane. You may work up a sweat, trying to maximize your experience drinking champagne, eating caviar, and sleeping comfortably, which may require a good hose down at the end. Emirates delivers!

They serve a lot of U.S. cities, so it shouldn’t be hard booking a ticket to ride the 380. As you can see from the map below, they serve a lot of destinations with their main hub out of Dubai, which itself is awesome to route through. In some cases, you can opt for a stop-over on some fares, and check out Dubai for a day or two. There are plenty of things you can do with even a 10 hour stop over. Dubai International Airport has a lot of amenities worth seeing, and the Emirates Terminal 3 is just amazing. The lounge itself is just awesome, with just about anything and everything.

What’s Your Poison?

The Economy Meal, which looks like a domestic First Class Meal

On a side note, you were able to use Alaska Airlines miles to book award seats on Emirates, but a lot of people are now saying that is no more. The Alaska agents are not seeing availability on their screens, even though the seats are available. With that being said, this deal only applies for paid tickets on Emirates A380’s. If you are planning a trip to South Asia or the Middle East, or beyond, in the coming months, then this deal would give you a great experience on-board a great airplane, and I’d say book it.  Happy Travels.

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