I received an awesome offer from Capital One this week for 2 FREE Rides on UBER. There is been sort of a mini-war going on with the city of Portland, and UBER, and they finally came to a ceasefire, with no human casualties, thank God. To celebrate, I figure they are offering Capital One credit card holders a chance to try them out in the city of Roses. I will surely take part in this offer and it’s simple– sign up for an account, and use promotional code CAPITALONE. I’m guessing the offer may be targeted for Capital One card holders, but not sure. You may be able to just put in the promotion code when entering your payment info.  I have yet to try Uber out, but I have heard more positive things about it than negative.  I don’t think I can ever be an Uber driver, as I wouldn’t want to get ransacked by some trigger happy city official, like that NYPD moron.  However, I do see it as another avenue of competitive transportation options here in Portland, and elsewhere.


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