Alaska Airlines Offers up to 3X Miles for Flying Emirates

Got an awesome promotion in my email this morning from Alaska Airlines – Get 3X bonus miles, for flying First Class on Emirates, or get 2X miles for flying in Business or Economy.  This is a great deal if you are flying on Emirates anyways, to get A LOT of miles on Alaska Airlines.  Not all class fares qualify and from their site, it looks like Double Miles for Business and Economy Classes of service J, C, O, I, Y, E, R, W, M, B, U, K, Q, L, T, V, X, and H only qualify. This is pretty much all the fares though, for revenue tickets.  I personally wont be taking advantage of this, because I dont have any travel plans in the near future on Emirates.  However, if you are traveling to the Middle East and beyond, on Emirates, you should register for this offer. The promotion ends November 30th, 2015.

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