Sheraton Parsippany, NJ – desperately seeking TLC – Hotel Review

Known to some as “the castle”, the Sheraton Parsippany is greatly in need of the some TLC. In 2007 launched a $6 billion renovation project – clearly they’re not quite done here. In the lobby, you can check out the new fabric, paint chips and floor plan for the renovations, but don’t expect to see them anywhere else. The gym, however, just reopened after a major renovation this week.

The week of July 18th brought record heat to the NY/NJ area and as if on queue, the air-conditioning at the Sheraton were on the fritz (though they promised twice it would be fixed next week when I return, that didn’t really help when I woke up dripping in sweat!) Three days, the air-conditioning blew nothing but warm, stale air – I thought I was in a sauna. (Not to mention my three colleagues at the hotel had the same issue and there were about 5 people in line at the front desk complaining about the same thing – so it seemed to be a wide-spread problem. You know what they say – timing is everything and this timing was awful)

The service at the hotel is spotty at best. Some of the staff at the front desk is great – one guy in particular remembered me by face (not name, that’s okay though) and had some great restaurant suggestions. Unfortunately, even though I’m platinum, I didn’t get any type of room upgrade. However, they did offer a coupon for free sliders at the bar and two free breakfast coupons (the concierge lounge was closed a few days).

One of the great things about the trip this week was the # of points I was able to rack up. On top of the base points, this hotel is participating in Starwood’s “Make the Green Choice” program – for every night you skip housekeep you can earn 500 points or get a $5 coupon for F&B; (all nights except night before check-out are eligible). So this week, I earned 2,000 extra points through this program.

In addition, Starwood is offering 250 points for checking in on Facebook and 250 points for checking in on Foursquare (through 7/31 only) so that was an additional 500 points for me.

So, even though my experience wasn’t that great I earned an extra 3000 points (2,000 make the green choice, 500 from social check-ins and 500 welcome amenity).

Hopefully my stay next week will be better and I can update this review. If not, that’s okay – the Westin Governor Morristown is about 5 miles away!

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