Hilton on the Park vs. Sheraton on the Park Day Spa

In a battle of the “on the Park” day spas, who comes out on top?  It was a pretty tight competition between the Hilton on the Park Melbourne’s eforea Day Spa and the On the Park Rejuvenation Day Spa at the Sheraton on the Park, but in the end, there was a winner.


eforea at the Hilton had just undergone refurbishments when I visited in early January.  The ambiance was tranquil.  The spa, which is on the first floor of the hotel, shares a space with the fitness center and has no view of the park.  After checking in, I was shown to the women’s locker room.  It was very small – two bathroom stalls, two showers and one dressing room.  I was given a locker that had a robe, slippers and 1 towel which was very small.  After changing, I was taken to the relaxation room. It was very quiet and serene.  The treatments rooms are oversized and very nicely decorated.  The treatments start with a foot bath and bizarre ritual welcome where I was asked to pick a card from a deck, read it aloud and embody that word. There were incense and oils – a little too over the top for me.

The massage I got was incredibly relaxing and calming. The therapist was outstanding.  The spa was running a special when I was there, pay for 60 minutes and get 90 for the same price, so the value of the service compared to the price I paid was great.  I would absolutely return for another massage at eforea.  I also got a mini-manicure and regular pedicure.  I thought the mani/pedi were extremely overpriced.  The pedicure was good, but not exceptional, and the manicure was just fair.  I actually felt like I needed another manicure the next day.

After my services, I took a shower – the water pressure was awesome – and quickly discovered the one towel really wasn’t enough.  However, there were no attendants in the locker room, so I just made do.  In addition, there were no amenities like a hair dryer or body lotion in the locker room.

In summary, I thought eforea had a great atmosphere and the massage was worth returning for.  Overall, the spa lacked some of the amenities you expect at a high-priced hotel day spa.

eforea Day Spa Photos


On the Park Rejuvenation Day Spa

Rejuvenation is on the 22nd floor of the Sheraton and shares a space with the fitness center and indoor swimming pool.  The reception area was congested with sweaty people in gym clothes looking for towels and locker keys.  Having to walk through the pool area – which had wet floors and smelled of chlorine – to get to the treatment rooms detracted from the overall experience.     There was no ambiance at all.

While small, the treatment rooms offer spectacular views of the park and harbor.  It was great to look at the beautiful tree-filled park and St. Mary’s Cathedral while getting a pedicure.   The pedicure was expensive, but very good.  Unlike the mani/pedi I had at eforea, I really enjoyed the one at Rejuvenation and would totally return for another.  I didn’t partake in any other services on this trip, but would absolutely give it another visit.

In summary, the Rejuvenation at Sheraton on the Park was expensive, but the views were spectacular and the service very good.  I would return again.

Rejuvenation Day Spa Photos:

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