Starwood nights/stay thermometer returns to website

Five days after Starwood’s 2012 benefits went into effect, and their website underwent some changes, the nights/stay thermometer has returned to their website.

After logging in this morning, I was very pleased to see that the trusty little thermometer was back.  The visual is a very nice way to track how many nights or stays you have earned towards status next year.   I log into my SPG account regularly to check on points activity and how I’m tracking for status and quickly glancing at the thermometer is an easy way to see where I am.


Starwood Homepage SPG.Com



5 Comments on "Starwood nights/stay thermometer returns to website"

  1. I actually complained to the online chat when I saw the change. Unfortunately it has yet to change back for me yet. Hopefully soon

  2. @CC – my thermometer actually only appeared once I logged in. Did you try that?

  3. Might be a browser thing. I’m using Chrome, you?

  4. I use Chrome as well. That’s odd. Tweet at @SPGInsider, they’re super about getting things fixed.

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