Are handkerchiefs the new “green” standard for hotels?

I ran out of tissues in my hotel room this week and so I requested a box of Kleenex from housekeeping.  Admittedly, there was a bit of a language barrier with the person whom I was making the request of.  Shortly after making the request, there was a knock at the door and a housekeeper appeared with a good old-fashioned handkerchief.  I was at a loss for words (rare moment!)

So I got to thinking…did they just misunderstand my request or is this the newest way in which hotels are going “green”?

In the end, I didn’t use the handkerchief…it just seemed a bit too radical for me.  What do you think? Would you use a handkerchief provided by a hotel in lieu of a box of tissues?


Handkerchief from housekeeping

2 Comments on "Are handkerchiefs the new “green” standard for hotels?"

  1. Yes, I would.

  2. Definitely not! Have seen too many exposes about cleanliness standards to consider that one.

    Some things in shared spaces should be disposable – as environmentally unfriendly as that may be!

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