What’s Wrong With the SPG Thermometer?

I track my nights/stays/points very closely…I mean, who doesn’t?  I blogged earlier this year that for several days/week the SPG thermometer, which I love, had disappeared from the website.  Luckily, it reappeared a few days/weeks later. However, it seems to me that it doesn’t really track accurately.

I am 2 nights away from re-earning Platinum Status, however, the dot is smack in the middle of the thermometer.  With only 2 more nights to re-earn Platinum, shouldn’t the dot be much closer to the end?   Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be zero days from re-earning Platinum and we’ll see where the dot is then.   Not sure why I really care so much…other than the fact that I love the thermometer and tracking how close I am to Platinum.   This is also the fastest I’ve ever re-earned Platinum status with SPG 50 nights in Q1 (plus I had 15 nights w/Marriott in Q1).   I ended 2011 w/98 SPG nights and can only imagine where I’ll be at the end of 2012.  But whose counting 🙂

6 Comments on "What’s Wrong With the SPG Thermometer?"

  1. I think the Gold Dot is the milestone where one reaches SPG Gold whereas the Platinum Dot at the end is where one hits Platinum. The thermometer, as you refer to it, is the ever-growing purple bar.

  2. The dot is for gold

  3. Nothing… That’s not your dot, that’s the benchmark for gold. Your bard looks accurate for 48 days

  4. only 8 stays?!?!?! Must hop more!

  5. Hopping is hard in London and Sydney with the rates the way they are! I do typically tend to hop – but only if I can afford to!

  6. Well, I learned something tonight! That dot is for gold, now it makes sense! I guess the dot doesn’t move…just the bar does! Thanks everyone!

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