Rethinking 2012 Status with @MarriottHotels @SPGBuzz, @United.

My 2012 Mileage and Status Goals

I usually set my mileage and status goals early in the year.  Here it is, April 2nd, and I’m still thinking through my strategy – and that’s not a good strategy.


US Airways –

  • Current Status: Chairman with 7 segments and 31,175 miles flown in 2012.
  • Current Mileage Balance: 257,432 miles
  • Goal: earn no more miles/segments w/USAir in 2012.

United –

  • Current Status: Gold Premier (thanks to status match) with 2 segments flown and 741 miles since Jan 1 2012
  • Current Mileage Balance: 741 miles
  • Goal: earn Premier Platinum or Premier 1k –  At a reader’s suggestion, I’m going to try to get US Air to move the miles I earned in Q1 over to United.  Not sure if they’ll go for that or not, but it’s worth a try. If that happens, earning 1k will be realistic.


Hotels  – here’s where I’m a little unsure about 2012

Starwood –

  • Current Status: SPG Platinum with 48 nights stayed in 2012 already (I’ll have 50 nights by the end of this week.)   So I’ve essentially reached platinum with SPG for 2013 already.
  • Current Points Balance: 132,069
  • Goal: 75 nights (After this week, I have 7 more SPG nights confirmed in April and 25 SPG nights confirmed in May so I won’t have any trouble hitting 75 nights with SPG in 2012.)
  • Notes:  Last year I had 98 nights with SPG and so I’m getting to benefit from the Your24 benefit (you name your check-in time and checkout 24 hours later) and I’m going to take advantage of that this week in Brussels by checking into the Aloft at 10am – awesome after an overnight flight!  I also now earn 4 starpoints per dollar – which is making the points add up more quickly.  SPG is still my # 1 chain.

Marriott –

  • Current Status: Gold with 13 nights stayed in 2012 – so I’ve qualified for silver in 2013 already.
  • Current Points Balance: 112,166
  • Goal: Unsure!
  • Notes: I like Marriott as my backup because in Australia they’re more affordable than most of the Starwood hotels and in Australia internet is included at all hotels for all rewards members.   I also like Marriott because I can transfer my Chase Rewards points to Marriott at a 1:1 rate.

Here’s where I’m waffling – starting in June should I focus on re-earning Marriott Gold (I need 37 more nights)  – or even going for Marriott Platinum (though I think it will be hard to do 62 more nights at Marriott this year?  Should I be satisfied with Marriott Silver status?  Or, should I switch to Hyatt or another chain?  I like the idea of Hyatt because I can transfer Chase points to them.

I gave up on IHG last year because I didn’t find much value in their membership. I was platinum but more often than not found I wasn’t being upgraded, didn’t get free water, didn’t get free internet, etc… So I’m not switching back to them.

Decisions, decisions – keep earning with SPG? is there anything after 75 or 100 nights with SPG? Build up my Marriott Status or make a move somewhere else?  What would you do?

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  1. Go for spg 100…….you get an ambassador

  2. With as much as you appear to stay in hotels, I would definitely go for top tier status in at least two programs. The Marriott credit card gives 15 nights credit – so that might be something to consider if you decide to target Platinum.

    In the past I’ve had MR Plat and Hilton Diamond. This year I’m moving that to MR and SPG, and considering whether I have enough nights to look at Hyatt too.

    Where I stay, I need either Marriott or Hilton in my portfolio, because in many smaller towns there aren’t any Starwood/Hyatt choices.

  3. @MB, the Marriott Credit Card is a good idea to bump up that status.

    I understand the need for a chain with hotels in smaller towns. Fourpoints is great for that with SPG, though definitely limited #s!

  4. Chase to Marriott isn’t nearly as good a value as to United or Hyatt.

    If Hyatt matches your stay pattern go for Diamond with them.

  5. @Gary. There are plenty of Hyatts where I’m traveling this year. Good to hear your take on Chase to Marriott vs Chase to Hyatt.

  6. Thanks to Lucky’s post on One Mile At A Time, I now have Hyatt Platinum status for 90 days and think I can re-arrange the next 90 days to earn the 8 nights necessary to keep Hyatt Platinum. So that might be the way I go this year.

  7. You can challenge for Marriott Gold or Plat. Once started you need 12 nights for gold or 18 for Plat in 90 days. They comp the status immediately.

  8. I am in the same boat, SPG is my go to and I’ve already hit 50 nights and will probably hit 100 for the year. I’ve been traveling to the same place for work since July so I wanted to switch things up and decided to try Hyatt. I am doing the Hyatt Platinum challenge (18 nights to maintain Platinum). So far I’ve been happy with Hyatt.

    I was Marriott platinum last year, but decided not to pursue status with them this year because I personally don’t see value in their program. It takes a lot of nights to get platinum and I don’t think the benefits are worth it and redeeming points for stays has been a challenge. The only plus is that there seems to be a Marriott property every where.

  9. MSPDeltaDude | April 3, 2012 at 11:11 am |

    I would stop at Marriott Gold. Very little in benefits for getting play unless you think the 48 guarantee is big too you.

  10. The other choice for hotels all over the US is Hilton. If you do business in out of the way parts of the US, Hilton, IHG, or Marriott are tough to avoid. Marriott’s benefits are kinda week and the qualification threshold high, especially if you do a lot of 1-nighters. IHG’s benefits are weak unless you do a lot of paid Intercon stays and get RA. I use Hilton for this role. Reasonable benefits and great availability in the US. Attractive properties to vacation at. Easy to get at least Gold.

    I’d add Hyatt in a heartbeat if they had enough of a footprint. The program and top properties are very attractive.

    75 nights I would go for and maybe even 100 with spg for the ambassador. Add on Hyatt if it makes sense, and Hilton or Marriott to pick up the leftovers.

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