Platinum Present from @SPGInsider

Last week I re-qualified for Platinum Status with SPG through February 2014 and received a nice surprise in my in box – a welcome reward.  I got to choose between a $25 SPG award certificate or a one-year magazine subscription.  I chose the $25 SPG award.  Has anyone else gotten a Platinum present?

I also got a new membership card – with a design of my choice; I chose the The Naka Island Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand as my design this year.  I chose Naka Island because it currently is on my bucket list.  There were over 60 designs to choose from this year – seems like some new additions this year!

Platinum Membership Card

My goal is to hit 100 nights this year with SPG – and I’ll be pretty close by the end of May.  Currently I have 57 nights stayed and have 25 nights booked in Thailand in May – that will bring me to 82 nights. Hopefully by the end of June I’ll have 100 nights w/SPG.  Boy…100 nights in 6 months, I wonder how many nights I’ll have at then end of 2012. Any guesses?


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  1. I miss the old Platinum recognition gift when they gave 50% off an award redemption up to 5 nights up to category 5 hotel. I think the upper limit was category 5 for the offer.

    If I recall correctly I had a 5-night stay at Amsterdam Pulitzer for 20,000 points.

    Then the offer changed to a $25 credit.

    Still good to be recognized for SPG Platinum, but I remember the better recognition days of the past more fondly.

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