Details Emerge From @SPGInsider About Nice Choice Promo

Details are slowly starting to be revealed about the next SPG promo.

Registration begins May 1st

The latest Nice News: 

You’ll have 11 different options, something for every traveler. Starpoints. Free Nights. Merchandise Discounts. Elite Credit. One option: Double Starpoints beginning with 2nd stay. No limits. Register May 1st at

Past Nice posts have included: 

Your Friday dose of nice: It’s good to have options, especially when it comes to your travel schedule. 
With the upcoming SPG Nice Choice promotion, members can choose their earning period from 3 options: May-July, June-August, or July-September.

A few details about SPG’s next promotion, SPG Nice Choice. This promotion will be all about you. Members will have the unique opportunity to choose when, what and how you want to earn at any of our more than 1,000 hotels and resorts worldwide that participate in the SPG program (that’s right, no opt-out list!). 

That’s more choice than ever, and an industry first. Registration begins May 1, 2012 (a ‘coming soon’ page will be up shortly at We’ll release more details about the types of Awards and offers on Facebook and Twitter over the next several weeks, so don’t forget to “like” and “follow” us. 


The Promotion Home Page is still pretty bare, but I’m looking forward to more hints about what the 11 other options will be!

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  1. Black background and white text so hard to read.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mike

  3. I prefer the contrast, very readable

    More details:
    It’s here! Details on the next SPG promotion are finally available. This promotion, you will have to register on your own Additional details available soon on 

    Here are the basics –
    Choose your own earning period (You can only choose one)
    May- July
    June- August
    July- September

    Choose whatever you want to earn during (You can only choose one)
    Awards (Free Nights; Redemption discounts)
    Merchandise discounts
    Elite Credit
    *There is no switching of registration codes or earning periods after registration. No exceptions.
    * Registration from May 1- June 30, 2012
    Here is a summary of the offers:
    Starpoints Offers
    Double Points beginning with 2nd stay. No limits.             
    Every 6 nights, get 3k Starpoints (max of 9k)       
    Earn 500 bonus Starpoints per night at Sheratons worldwide (no limits). Online-bookings ONLY
    Stay 15 nights, get Triple Starpoints on all stays retroactively. No limits.
    Awards Offers –

    10 nights, get 1 Free Weekend Night (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards. Weekends are Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.    
    Stay 20 nights, get 1 25% percent off redemption Award (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards

    Merchandise Awards –
    Stay 4 nights; get US$50 SPG Award Cert (max of 3)         
    Stay 4 nights; get $50 or EUR50 Westin @ home discount code (max of 3)   
    Stay 4 nights, get $50 or EUR50 Sheraton @ home discount code (max of 3)              

    Elite status-
    Stay 5 nights, earn 1 bonus night toward elite status (max of 3 elite qualifying nights).     
    Stay 10 nights, earn 3 bonus nights toward elite status (max of 6 nights).

  4. @SB. Thanks
    If these details are correct, it looks like the free nights will be a disappointment compared to last year’s stay 3 get 1 free promo!
    I think given this scenario, I’d go with the Starpoints bonus

  5. that post is a hoax…. rumor mill

  6. 6 nights/3K points is 500 points/night. Given that, it’s entirely possible that triple points after 15 nights will be the best deal here, depending on what they base “triple” on (just single base points, or tripling the 2 points/$ base for Platinums, etc.). As always, the devil will be in the details…

  7. Looks like Gary has also posted about this today on View from the Wing

    Even if it’s just speculation…it’s getting some good traction.

  8. @Jamison – maybe…maybe not….that’s why it’s speculation

  9. fwiw. Here is another vote to ditch white text on black background.

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