Anthony Melchiorri’s @HotelImpossible will make even the most seasoned traveler cringe. @AnthonyHotels

I don’t know about you, but the more I travel, the more germ-o-phobic I become!  Some people might find my habits a bit obsessive compulsive, but to a frequent traveler, they’re just normal, every day tasks.  Now, after watching Anthony Melchiorri’s new show, Hotel Impossible, I may become even more neurotic.

After watching the first episode of Hotel Impossible I was creeped out and at the same time instantly obsessed with the show.  So far, with each episode I have picked up another tip (aka new obsession.)

So, what have I learned from the show?

– Never use wooden luggage stands! They’re a breeding ground for bed bugs.

– If some of the bathroom tile grout is black – it might be mold!  Keep your shoes on!

– If the room service menu pages are dirty, don’t order room service

– Don’t throw anything in the hotel room garbage if you don’t want the hotel staff to know about it. Apparently they read it!

– Don’t ever use the throw pillows in hotels! What we learned from the show is that everyone throws throw pillows on the dirty floor. Then, the next day the housekeeper puts them back on the bed.  They’re never cleaned!  From guest to guest you get the same dirty throw pillow.


In addition to the things I’ve learned from the show, some of my other habits include:

– I clean the hotel remote control w/an alcohol swab before touching it

– I clean the phone before using it

– I clean airplane tray tables and arm rests (something I picked up from the Today Show)

– I never use a comforter on the bed (duvet covers that are white are okay – because I can check for stains)

– I always check for bed bugs!
I asked some of my colleagues what habit they have (I wanted to make sure I’m not the only neurotic one!)

– My friend Sharon love the fluffy terry cloth robes hotels provide. She’ll even call and request one if there isn’t one in the room.  I bet after tonight she’ll check for stains before putting it on!

– My friend Paige never goes barefoot in a hotel.  She even packs flip flops in case the shower is questionable.  I have to admit, I’ve been known to put a towel down in the shower occasionally when it looks bad!

What obsessive behavior..I mean…habits do you have?


6 Comments on "Anthony Melchiorri’s @HotelImpossible will make even the most seasoned traveler cringe. @AnthonyHotels"

  1. johnmoorenow | April 25, 2012 at 2:12 am |

    I only use the in room coffee maker if it is pod to cup. People have been known to use the coffee pots to was socks, etc. as they like to wash them in really hot water…

  2. Yes! That’s a good one. My sister told me about someone who used the coffee pot to clean underwear! Not nice!

  3. What the old saying what you do not know won’t hurt me…. LOL… So many germs and disgust out there…

  4. I hadn’t heard about this show and certainly didn’t know this: “- Never use wooden luggage stands! They’re a breeding ground for bed bugs.” – That’s just gross. I also clean the remote before using a mini bottle of clorox anywhere spray I keep in my freedom baggie.

  5. @PointsCashMiles – it’s on the Travel Channel. Where do you get mini bottles of clorox anywhere spray? I’ve been looking for that.

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