Last Chance – Enter To Win 10K Hilton Honors Points

Enter to win 10k Hilton Honors Points by telling me what your dream destination is on my post about Booking Award Travel.  You can only enter by commenting on that post (comments on this post are not entered to win).  Be creative and make sure you tell me why it’s your dream destination.   Deadline is June 24th at 5pm EST.

Please see the Booking Award Travel post for all contest rules and to enter.

Good luck

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  1. My dream destination is Capetown South Africa – have always admired Nelson Mandela and love South African wines. So it would be great to see the place. where the great man lived and was imprisoned for so many years, while drinking a toast in a local wine to him and everyone of your followers.

  2. My dream visit is Moscow. In the US the USSR was for a long time shrouded in mystery. We knew little and thought of them as an evil empire–especially to military personnel like myself. I want to go and see this place of mystery and view the seat of this “evil empire.” And the place has beautiful buildings and fascinating museums to boot!

  3. I have a few dream vacations, but the next one on the list would have to be Bali, if only to actually have a vacation that involves nothing but relaxation and well-deserved rest.

  4. @Grahm, Stvd88 & John
    You have to submit your comment on this post // to be entered to win.

  5. Why would anyone want Hilton points they’re worthless

  6. My dream vacation destination is Sapporo, Japan, during winter time. I would like to go there during winter time to enjoy hot springs, culture and foods.

  7. I am planning my first euro trip with my finance this year. We will be visiting mainly Italy, Greece and Turkey. If you can keep a secret, I am planning on proposing her on this trip (wish me luck) 😉

  8. I choose Dubrovnik in Croatia . After returning from a RTW this place is perfect combination of sights and sun. The weather the people and location has to be one of the best in the world.

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