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There are a lot of travelers out there with some amazing sounding dream destinations.  190 people submitted their dream destination on the post Booking Award Travel in hopes of wining 10k Hilton Honors Points.  Lots of people said they’d love to go to London – and with the Olympics there now, who wouldn’t want to go.   Several people had dreams of renting villas off the cost of Greece or Croatia.  There were many more people who dreamed of trips to the Maldives, Bali, Fiji and other stunning islands – one person even dreams of owning his own island – I have to admit, that does sound cool…but pretty darn expensive.



There were a bunch of you who wanted to visit Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand  – one person wanted to go to see the sheep to human ratio!     There were lots of dreamers dreaming of South East Asia.   Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore were among the favorite dream destinations of many.

Several people shared the dream destination of Africa – for a safari or to hike Mt Kilimanjaro.  Some wanted to visit South Africa, Kenya or Egypt to learn about history.   Personally, a safari is on my bucket




I think the most amazing thing is that many people commented that they had been to their dream destination – perhaps for a wedding or other event – and wanted to go back to relive the memory.   Like some of those people, I’ve been to many of my dream destinations.  That’s the most amazing part of collecting miles/points – once you collect enough to visit your dream destination all you need is a little more imagination to find your next dream destination.

For all of those dreamers who dreamed of Fiji, I can tell you it’s an amazing country. The people are amazing and beaches are spectacular.  The Island is a unique mix of modern and classic and showcases the Fijian culture.  One of the things I was struck by in Fiji was the extreme poverty – more so than many of the other places I’ve been in the world.    Australia is a great dream destination!  There are so many places to see – like the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef or the Sydney Opera House.   London is also a favorite place of mine to visit.  I love the history and dreaming of what the parties must have been like in those amazing castles during the Victorian period.  I’ve been to Thailand and in July will cross Hong Kong and Macau off my list of places to see.  So I will have to start thinking of my next dream destination.

It was extremely hard to pick a winner of this contest.  But after reading through all 191 comments, I selected comment number 45 from Ron.  Here’s what Ron had to say:

A 2 week, southeast Asia tour with my wife, friend(who is half Thai) and his wife. First up Hong Kong, because of its cultural history and world economics importance, next off to Macau, because most people have never even heard of it and because it is the Vegas of Asia. Then over to Bangkok for similar reasons to Hong Kong, their amazingly cheap suits they’re known

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

for and because my friend’s family is from there and could be my personal translator to make the experience that much better. Finally finishing up in Phuket/Krabi with a trip over to Ko Phi Phi, not only because they are some of the most amazing beaches in the world with awesome rocks shooting out of the water,but because after watching “The Beach” with Leo Dicaprio, it looks like a lost paradise and a place that no one I know will ever think to venture to.

Hopefully Ron will get to visit those amazing places – especially Koh Phi Phi – I can attest to its beauty.   The Beach, starting Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t even do the Phi Phi islands enough justice!   Ron, you’ll be getting an email from VeryGoodPoints on how to claim your 10k Hilton Honors Points.

Thanks for entering to win and keep your eyes open for the final two contests coming this week!


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  1. Thanks for your generosity and a great blog – it makes it fun to surf the web to read sites like yours and see happiness people share in their love of travel and points! Cheers and happy travels. Thanks again!

  2. Is it too late to enter?

  3. Yes, it’s too late on this one to enter. Sorry!

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