My Upcoming United Flight & Register to Win 10+k United Miles

For the second time this year, and perhaps only the third time in my life, I am going to be flying on United.  Today, by chance, I called to see if First Class was available on my flight…and sure enough, it is!  So I upgraded myself using a Star Alliance Award Upgrade.  I’ll be flying from SFO to ICN in United First.

Shortly after upgrading myself, a loyal reader, @JohnMooreNow, suggested that perhaps instead of giving away 10k United Miles I should give away 12,500 United Miles – enough for a domestic one way ticket.

Since I’m so excited about my upcoming 1st class experience on United, I decided to go ahead and up the prize to 12,500 United miles!

So now everyone should tweet @JohnMooreNow and thank him for giving me the great idea of increasing the prize.  Happy Flying & Tweeting 🙂

To enter, please see this post: “Guess the Location and Win 12.5k United Miles”   You can only enter on that post – comments on this post WILL NOT ENTER YOU TO WIN.  Emails to me will not enter you to win.   You can only enter by commenting on the post “Guess the Location

You have two days left to enter to win!  Good luck.


3 Comments on "My Upcoming United Flight & Register to Win 10+k United Miles"

  1. Awwww … Seoul~ in First class!! You must be excited!!

  2. @Rk – yes, I am very excited!! Trip report to follow.

  3. “Duplicate comments detected, It seems you have already said that..” is the message I received when entered today June 27. The first time I entered the location was yesterday June 26. I thought it said one can enter 3 times but no more than Once a day. Please advise. Thanks

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