Duvet covers & sheets are clean for your arrival!

I became intrigued after seeing about 5 of my road warrior friends and co-workers post this photo on Facebook and Twitter.

A  simple post-it note saying “Duvet covers & sheets are clean for your arrival.”   People Facebook comments ranged from “Thanks for pointing that out,” to, “Um, should I be worried?”  It got me wondering, is this really a good marketing campaign that was launched recently by Hampton Inn & Suites, part of the Hilton family of hotels.

The first post I was on Facebook got a lot of comments.  “Be optimistic and hope they switched maids in the middle of cleaning and were being very informative to each other” Another said, “Yellow post it sounds shady.”  Someone else said, “I think I’d worry only if it said NOT clean”  while another post just said, “Creepy!”

I started seeing similar posts and tweets popping up over the past few weeks.

I stay in hotels all the time – well, almost all the time. I average about 200 nights a year in hotels and I have never seen a sign like this. Probably because the last Hampton Inn stay I had left me traumatized.  In fact, that Hampton Inn probably could have used a sign like this!

However, I still wonder, is this a good marketing campaign?  Do you really need to be told that the sheets are clean?  Here’s the most recent conversation between two friends of mine on Twitter and what prompted this post.  (Note: For those of you not familiar with Twitter – namely my mother, a loyal blog reader – you have to read the tweets from the bottom up)

So, what do you think?  Is this a good campaign?

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8 Comments on "Duvet covers & sheets are clean for your arrival!"

  1. I know that people worry about the duvets not being cleaned, but i dont know if this is best way to communicate with your clients.

  2. I always wonder about that stuff, so I would appreciate the confirmation that it has been cleaned. I stay in some hotels with older-style comforters on the beds and I doubt they get cleaned very regularly.

  3. There should also be notes like: Your dentist washed his hands today; Your tableware at the restaurant were cleaned before serving you; Your meat was cooked to a safe temperature…

  4. eggie2019 | July 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm |

    I actually think this a nice touch. I recently stayed at a Hampton Inn and found a similar note – however, it was much more professional looking. Generally – in most hotels – I assume the duvet is not cleaned and I avoid it.

    I think Best Western has a similar program.

  5. @Scottrick, that’s awesome! I love it. Yes, perhaps on airplanes they could say “this plane has never been cleaned.”

  6. @Eggie2019 – I usually assume “duvet” covers are cleaned and “comforters” are not cleaned (or if they are, very infrequently)

  7. @Paul, I have been told my several senior level officials of hotels that the older-style comforters are cleaned either once a year or never.

  8. eggie2019 | July 15, 2012 at 1:37 pm |

    Maybe I’m confusing duvet and comforter 🙂

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