@HiltonHHonors Launches Shop-to-Earn Mall & it’s perfect timing 4 me!

How awesome is it for me that just a week after I decided to switch my secondary hotel chain to Hilton they announce the launch of their global Shop-to-Earn Mall!  The mall will offer a network of online shops that allows HHonors members to earn Bonus Points through retail purchases. The Hilton HHonors Shop-to-Earn Mall is the newest online mall that will allow you to earn points or miles while shopping.

According to Hilton, once logged in, Hilton HHonors members can:

  • Track their eligible purchases and earned points
  • Use “Add to Favorites” to create a list of favorite online shops
  • Access the “My Visited Merchants” list of recently visited shops
  • Review purchases and collected points under “My Account”
  • Opt-in to receive customized newsletters under “My Email Preferences”

It sounds like this mall will offer some interesting and unique features.  I love the idea of being able to track eligible purchases and earned points.  Currently I shop on both the USAir Mall and on the Chase Sapphire Ultimate Rewards Mall and neither offers all of these features.  I’m not sure I’ll make the Hilton HHonors Shop to Earn Mall my primary shopping mall – in fact I won’t – but I will make purchases there when I need to top off my HHonors account!  It’s a great way to add extra points to your account!

Are you looking forward to shopping with HHonors?  What mall is your primary?

4 Comments on "@HiltonHHonors Launches Shop-to-Earn Mall & it’s perfect timing 4 me!"

  1. They actually had this going for several years now. I never bothered with it because the earning rates were not par with other shopping portals.

  2. Upromise (http://www.upromise.com) is my current portal of choice. 5% cash back via a check in my mailbox each quarter is a pretty sweet deal. I also use EvReward to check for deals: (http://www.evreward.com)

  3. @MDDCFlyer – I wonder what’s new w/the mall if they’re doing a ton of press releases about it now http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hilton-hhonors-launches-global-shop-120000142.html

  4. The new mall actually has much worse earn rates than the one that has been around for awhile. Not impressed so far.

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