What Blogs are you reading?

Last night I was having a Twitter conversion with a fellow blogger, LufthansaFlyer , about what blogs we are reading.  Over time, my reading habits change and what I’m interested in changes as well.   So first, if you’re reading this post, thank you! I appreciate your support of my blog!

What I’m Not Reading Anymore:

I’ve pretty much stopped reading blogs that are primarily focused on credit card offers.  The credit card companies do a fine job of advertising their cards, I don’t need to read 20 different bloggers opinions of each new offer.  I don’t enjoy blogging about credit cards (I don’t have any affiliate links to promote) so I’ve cut out a few blogs on that basis.

Next, I’ve stopped reading a few blogs that I used to read regularly because I feel like the author(s) have become arrogant.  Or at least their posts and online/social media persona makes them seem arrogant. I like bloggers who are relateable (and who occasionally spell things wrong).

What Am I Reading Now:

Several of the blogs I read are based on who I interact with on Social Media.  The more I feel like I know a person, and that I might have something in common with them or their travel tastes, the more likely I am to read them.

Deals We Like – Deals We Like was one of the first Boarding Area Blogs I read before I  joined Boarding Area as a blogger.  I still read Deals We Like because it’s a great site to easily find current promotions and offers.   I also really enjoy DWL’s trip reviews. I have booked many hotels based on their recommendation.  For example, I am staying at Sheraton Krabi in December based on a DWL trip review.

LufthansaFlyer – I like LuftansaFlyer because he has unique content that others aren’t posting about.

FrequentlyFlying – I love reading FrequentlyFlying’s take on airline amenity kits, among other things.

NewGirlInTheAir – I started reading New Girl after she joined Boarding Area and one her posts really connected for me.  I loved her post on Starwood’s Nice Choice Promotion. In the post, she compared options by essentially telling the story of fictional travelers. Loved it and it got me hooked.

JustAnotherPointsTraveler –  I started reading Angelina’s blog after we met in New York.  She’s very down-to-earth and her blog is real. She also has great ideas and tips for travel.  Her trip reports have been very helpful to me.

USA Today Hotel-Check in – I read Hotel Check in because I love hotels! Barb is a hotel guru and the always has the need-to-know hotel info on her blog on USAToday.com

Pearls of Wisdom – I wish Pearls of Wisdom posted more frequently, but I love reading her posts when she does post.  I also picked up a copy of her book when it was released and picked up a lot of great tips for traveling.

PointsMilesAndMartinis – It’s such a great name, how could you not read it!  Besides that, I think they have great tidbits and posts that are very interesting and fun to read.  Ironically, last week I was IMing with a colleague at work who said to me, “Hey, I’m reading Points Miles and Martinis Blog, do you know them?”  that was fun!

ViewFromTheWing – I love when Gary’s posts take a financial perspective. It’s something that I don’t usually have, and love to read about.  Gary is also extremely helpful and generous with his time, so I love reading his blog for that reason too.

Will Run For Miles – while I don’t tend to connect with Will Run For Miles posts about, well, running – or working out, she does have great info for fitness enthusiasts

Reserve Thai Hotels – I love Aaron’s blog because as you probably know if you read my blog, I love Thailand!  Aaron’s blog is the quintessential Thai hotel blog!

What I’m Blogging About

There are obviously other blogs that I read from time to time, but these are the ones I read most frequently.  I am always looking for new and unique content and that’s what I hope to provide with my blog.   My focus is primarily on hotels, trip reviews and travel related content.  You’ll almost never see me posting about the latest points promotions (unless it’s a really cool Starwood promo that I will be taking advantage of) I won’t be posting about credit card offers, I won’t be posting about what gift cards will earn you the most points (because no one can do that better than FrequentMiler) .  You also won’t see me posting about Delta, because I don’t fly them and know very little about them. But if you want to read about Delta, don’t worry, DeltaPoints Blog has you covered!

So basically, the same things that I hope to achieve with this blog are what draw me to other blogs – interesting points of view, unique content, fun posts and personalities and bloggers that I think I can relate to.

How About You?

So what are you reading?  What do you find draws you to a blog?

35 Comments on "What Blogs are you reading?"

  1. Thanks you for being who you are…

  2. Thank you Stacey!

  3. Hi Stacey – We are flattered and read you too. Excited that we now have 3 readers :), jk. We thought our name was a tough one at first but it now we think it really sings what our small blog is all about.

  4. @TheWeeklyFlyer – very funny. I think you have at least 10 readers. And next time you’re in the good old south I’ll buy you a Martini!

  5. dealswelike | August 22, 2012 at 9:10 pm |

    So jealous you are going to Krabi! Have fun!

  6. Just discovered your blog this week. Love, love, love your unique content. Refreshing change from the myriad of 1st class trip reports and credit cards (which aren’t even relevant to people outside the US!!!).

  7. Great post! And these, and yours , are in my top list as well!

  8. DeltaATLFlyer | August 22, 2012 at 9:22 pm |

    I have to ask, did you mean to leave Lucky’s Blog, OnMileAtATime off this list? For me, he’s as good as it gets for trip reports from a very personal perspective.

  9. Thanks for the shout out! I love looking forward to your posts as well 🙂 can’t wait for the next get together

  10. @Alistar – thanks! Hope you continue reading.

  11. @susan – glad to have a fellow southerner following along!

  12. @DeltaATLFlyer – There are a lot of things I’m losing, but my memory isn’t one of them (yet!) You read right, I don’t follow Lucky’s blog, but it’s great that you do and I’m glad you find his trip reports helpful.

  13. All VeryGoodPoints. Hey, that is a good name too and as you can see DP readers you blog too! Keep up the good work! – Rene

  14. Good list. I would recommend RapidTravelChai – I find it to be a very entertaining read and think it would be right up your alley (the blog is focused almost entirely on short trips taken to multiple destinations around the world, and Stefan has a keen wit).

  15. @JettyBoy – I actually do check out RapidTravelChai and I should probably do so more often. You’re right, they do have good content and I agree, Stefan does have great wit!

  16. I love the variety of boarding area blogs, but frequent miler is my favorite. His posts are very detailed, easy to read, and he is great about answering emails if you email him directly. MileValue and MillionMileSecrets are also great blogs.

  17. @Grant, I haven’t read MileValue, so I’ll have to check it out. I agree that MillionMileSecrets is a great blog too!

  18. Are you for real? You don’t read One Mile At A Time? If you don’t you’re not a real travel blogger

  19. Thank so much Stacey for the kind words 🙂
    I had wondered where all those new visitors were coming from.

    Bangkok in December?

  20. Are you crazy? What makes you so much better than Lucky? One mile at a time is a great blog.

  21. you could learn a thing or two from Lucky! He’s the best blogger on travel.

  22. When you say you “stopped reading a few blogs that I used to read regularly because I feel like the author(s) have become arrogant.” You should call it like it is and not hide behind your comments that no one reads.

    You should look at your own blog if you think One Mile At A time sounds arrogent

  23. @Aaron – Bangkok in Oct and Dec, yes!

  24. Lucky’s blogs runs circles around yours. Thanks for nothing

  25. I like your blog way better than One Mile At A time. thank you for not blogging about credit card churning and telling us how often you get to fly first class. I like that when you blog about first class you tell us how many miles you had to spend. That way we know the airlines aren’t coming you.

  26. You’re obviously insane if you think Lucky is arrogant and you don’t read his blog. You should get a life.

  27. You should be shot for calling Lucky arrogant

  28. Holy cow people! Relax. She didn’t say she hated One mile at a time, just that she didn’t read it. Lay off.


  30. Any reasons you don’t read “The Points Guy”?

  31. @Santastico – I do read The Points Guy, just not regularly. When I see post topics that are of interest, I check them out.

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