Flooding Inspires Alternative Modes of Transportation

As many of my readers know, I call Charleston, South Carolina home and in fact, live on a small island. This week brought torrential rains to Charleston and created massive flooding in low-lying areas – which is all of Charleston. So what’s a city to do when the streets flood and cars float?

Many in Charleston turned to alternative modes of transportation. Some got out their kayaks and paddled through the streets of downtown.

Some people even turned to the horse and carriages typically used for giving tours of the city

Some people just rolled up their pants and went about their shopping

Others got out their inner-tubes and went for a float along the street

Some people just didn’t heed the warnings and got stuck

With so much rain, I wonder what modes of transportation people will turn to next. Anyone have an Ark?

Photos courtesy of several colleagues.

5 Comments on "Flooding Inspires Alternative Modes of Transportation"

  1. Wow! I’m headed to Charleston this wknd. ( sat & sun). Am I better off heading to Savaanah, GA? And what are hotels thinking charging > $200/night ?

  2. Forgot to add: we are flying from Midwest into Charlotte on Fri. Thanks so much

  3. @Stargoldua – are you driving from CLT to Charleston or connecting from CLT to CHS?
    They’re calling for 40% chance of rain this weekend – which is typical for our summers. Savannah will have the same weather we do typically.
    Flooding should be well gone by the time you get here.

    Hotels are charging $200/night because it’s Charleston in the summer. if you want some hotel suggestions for under $200 I would look in Mt Pleasant and get a car to drive (10-15 car ride) but will save you money. Avoid North Charleston.

  4. Hi Stacey. Thnx for the reply. We r driving from CLT. I looked at the pics and it really looked incredible. People were shopping in kayaks!!!! I am worried about spills and mess all around downtn and business might be still closed.

  5. @Stargoldua – the shops are all open today for business. Charleston floods frequently, so they’re pretty good at dealing with it.

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